Summary of the Beatlife Annual Report 2022-23

The last year has seen Beatlife continue to commit to providing our community with drumming education, workshops and performances.
Our base is the weekly session at John Archer Hall, which has continued to grow this year with the welcoming of several new members and their families, with  Tilo, Marty and Mandy continue to lead the drumming sessions on a voluntary basis, with contributions from Kim and Alice. Following in their footsteps are two of our youngest members who have, with some support from Tilo, been directing the band in learning a composition of their own. We were also joined this year by artists from LJMU, who produced some prints from sketches made during a practice session that they attended.

Beatlife have also continued their educational work in Liverpool schools.
In Windsor Primary, Marty and Tilo have continued their workshops for KS1-2, where they have been introducing notation and reading skills alongside the drumming classes, with regular performances in school. Mandy and Peter continue their sessions with Nursery and Reception with a variety of instrumentation such as keyboard, accordion, and percussion to support their drumming and singing, helping the children develop a sense of tonality as well as rhythm.
Mandy and Peter have also enjoyed delivering early years sessions at Kingsley School, where they also run a well attended after-school club; Cressington Nursery; REMAT Consortium, and also delivered percussion workshops with Marty at Lakeside SEN school.
Also, Marty and Alice have ran several cubs’ music activity days including 2 days in North Liverpool, a day with Allerton Cubs and an evening held at JAH with Toxteth Saalam Scouts – all really fun and enjoyed by participants.

Beatlife have enjoyed a full calendar of performances, including our regular slot at Granby St Market where we have been joined by children from Windsor St, and Kingsley; a 50-strong performance at Africa Oyé in collaboration with Anfield Samba Kids, Movema, Windsor St, and Kingsley; Liverpool World Centre Community at John Archer Hall; the LJMU final year Art Degree show and LJMU freshers week.
Tilo and Marty ran a filmed workshop for Year 2s in St Anne’s School in Wavertree, and this EMTAS funded project was very well received, Donna was delighted! Beatlife also ran a drumming workshop for hospice staff as part of their ‘Living Well’ project.
In our continued commitment to child safety, Mandy, Tilo, Marty and Peter undertook NSPCC online courses and certification on child protection in schools.
And finally, we wish Karen Wyn well in her departure as a board member, and thank her for many years of dedication to this charity.

You can click the following link to read the full report.