Archive of Events

BeatLife Selected Diary – 2018

3rd February Granby Four Streets Market with Windsor Street Primary School
22nd April Cubs 500 Drum workshops, Lydiate, Merseyside
12th May Abercromby Nursery, Fun Day, Liverpool
20th May Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon
31st May Drum Workshops, Wildflower Gathering – Everton Park Liverpool

BeatLife Selected Diary – 2017

22nd February Narnia Opening, with Anfield Samba Kids, St Georges Hall Liverpool
26th February Family Hive Winter Fair, John Archer Hall, Toxteth
1st April Four Streets Market, Granby, Toxteth
6th May Four Streets Market, Granby, Toxteth
6th May Abercromby Nursery, Toxteth
21st May Liverpool Football Club, with Anfield Samba Kids
28th May Rock and Roll Marathon, Liverpool
18th June Africa Oye, with Kinetica Bloco
8th July Arabic Arts Festival, Lodge Lane Liverpool
15th July Africa Utopia, Southbank Centre, London – with Kinetica Bloco

BeatLife Selected Diary – 2016

20th March Food For Real Festival, Toxteth
7th May Four Streets Market, Granby Street
16th May The Pentecost Pageant, Hope Street
29th May Rock and Roll Marathon, Liverpool
4th June Four Streets Market, Granby Street
19th June Manchester Day Parade
2nd July Out of The Blue, with Anfield Samba Kids
9th July Penketh Parade
16th July Flight of the Refugees, Liverpool
25th July Beatlife Summer School
6th October Emtas, Celebration Event, Liverpool
4th December Four Streets Market, Granby Street
11th December Anfield Samba Kids Christmas Party
16th December Calderstones Park Lantern Parade, Liverpool

BeatLife Selected Diary – 2015

21st March Grapes Night Garden Party Event, Windsor Street
7th March Dingle Lane Children’s Centre
23rd May Victorian Fayre, Princes Park
6th June Family Fun Day at Stanley Park
6th June Four Streets Market, Ducie Street, Toxteth
21st June Africa Oye, Sefton Park
23rd July Tatton Park, RHS Show
5th September Four Streets Market, Ducie Street, Toxteth
26th September Splashdash Fun Run, Sefton Park

BeatLife Selected Diary – 2014

March 1 Everyman Parade with Anfield Samba Kids
March 22 Step Into Spring, John Archer Hall
April 21 Anfield Samba Kids and BeatLife, Hillsborough Charity Match Anfield
June 8 Handmade Parade, Hebden Bridge
June 15 Southport Triathlon
June 21 Africa Oye, Sefton Park
June 28 Berkley Park, Toxteth
July 6 Southport Half Marathon

BeatLife Selected Diary – 2013

Feb 13 St George’s Hall with Anfield Samba Kids
March 21 Windsor Community Primary, Blackburne House, Liverpool
May 17 Light Night Liverpool with Anfield Samba Kids
June 21 John Archer Hall, Squash Nutrition, Toxteth
June 22 Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade
June 23 Africa Oye, Sefton Park
July 6 Woolton Primary Summer Fair
July 7 Southport Marathon
November 1 Lantern Parade, Sefton Park
November 21 Honey Night – John Archer Hall, Toxteth

BeatLife Selected Diary – 2012

March 3 International Slavery Museum
March 4 Southport 10k
April 11 – 15 Ankara Youth Arts festival, Turkey
April 21 & 22 Sea Odyssey, Liverpool One
June 1 International Childrens Day, Croxteth Sports Centre
June 30 Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade
June 30 Summer Eco Market, John Archer Hall
July 3 Richmond Fellowship, Crewe
July 11 Abercromby Nursery Graduation Day
July 14 World In Princes Park
August 4 Maritime Museum
August 24-26 Oslo International Mela
September 29 Cairn St Market, Toxteth
October 4 Windsor Community Primary – Presentation for UN Delegation
October 28 Liverpool Lantern Parade, Sefton Park
November 23 Squash Nutrition’s “Honey Night”, Toxteth
December 1 Cairns Street Market, Toxteth
December 11 Anfield Samba Kids Christmas Party
December 21 Christmas Bandstand in Williamson Square

BeatLife Selected Diary – 2011

Southport 2011
Hebden Bridge – 2011
Africa Oye – 2011
March 6 Art Valley Parade, Walton Hall Park
March 19 Go Green Spring Market, Windsor Street
March 27 Spring Fair, Elm Hall Drive Methodist Centre
May 19th European Teachers Exchange and Lord Mayor’s Visit, Windsor Community Primary
May 20th Richmond Fellowship, Exchange Square Manchester
May 27th MP’s and Teachers Visit, Windsor Community Primary
June 1st Croxteth Community Day
June 11th Handmade Parade, Hebden Bridge
June 12th Chester Carnival of Giants
June 18th Africa Oye Festival, Sefton Park, Liverpool
July 1st Liverpool One Piano Festival
July 23rd/24th Southport Airshow
Oct 23rd Cultural Food Feast, Palm House Liverpool
Oct 30th Liverpool Lantern Parade
Nov 12th Toxteth TV
Dec 10th/11th Southport Christmas Show

BeatLife Selected Diary – 2010

World Museum Liverpool
Lord Mayor’s Pageant
Lord Mayor’s Pageant
Feb 21 Haitian fundraiser, Palm House, Sefton Park
May 1 World Museum, Liverpool
May 14 Richmond Fellowship, London
May 22 World Museum, Liverpool
Jun 5 Lord Mayors Parade, Liverpool
Jun 13 Alt Valley Loop Line Parade
Jun 16 Sing Up at the Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool
Jun 19 Africa Oye, Sefton Park
June 26 Hebden Bridge Parade
July 3 World Museum, Liverpool
July 8 Warrington Disability Awareness Day
July 10 Live At The Bull Ring, Middlewich
July 17 Rheged, Cumbria
July 18 Waterloo Town Hall
July 22 Brouhaha City Centre Parade
July 23 / 24 /25 Blue Lights Horse of the Year Show, Aintree
July 24 World in Princes Park
Aug 6 / 7 / 8 Oslo International Mela
Aug 14 World Museum, Liverpool
Aug 21 / 22 Global Grooves
Sep 18 Southport Airshow
Oct 17 Cultural Food Festival, Sefton Park, Palm House
Oct 31 Liverpool Lantern Carnival


Jan 10 Capital of Culture Finale, Transistion Night
May 16 “Imagine” at the Anglican Cathedral
Jun 6 Lord Mayors Parade
Jun 19 World Museum, Liverpool
Jun 20 Hebden Bridge Parade
Jun 21 Africa Oye, Sefton Park, Liverpool
July 9 Warrington Disability Awareness Day
Aug 6/7/8 Aintree Horse of the Year Show
Aug 14-16 Oslo International Mela
Aug 29 Crewe Carnival
Sep 19 Liverpool Biennial – Urbanism 09
Sep 25 & 26 Southport Airshow
Oct 2 Unity Theatre
Oct 25 Cultural Food Festival, Palm House
Oct 28 Olive Mount Lantern Parade
Oct 30 The Learning Revolution Festival – Toxteth Town Hall
Oct 31 Halloween Fair, St Lukes Church
Dec 4 Big Bang, Leeds


Liverpool Lantern Parade 08
Lord Mayors Parade 08
Parade in Nkhata Bay – Malawi 08
Feb 2 Marsden Lantern Parade
Mar 14/15 ‘The Long Walk’, Haigh Street, Liverpool
May 22 Liverpool Arena
May 25 Streets Ahead Festival, St Lukes Church, Liverpool
May 29 Liverpool One Launch
Jun 7 Lord Mayors Parade, Liverpool
Jun 13-15 Strongbow Stage, Isle of Wight Festival
Jun 22 Africa Oye, Sefton Park, Liverpool
Jul 18 Abercromby Nursery
Jul 19 Hebden Bridge carnival
Aug 10 Childrens Festival,St Georges Hall, Liverpool
Aug 15 Strongbow stage, V Festival, Stafford
Aug 22-24 Oslo International Mela
Aug 31 Oslo Childrens Festival
Sep 21 Global Grooves, Zion Centre, Manchester
Oct 1-12 Nkhata Bay, Malawi
Oct 12 Lake of Stars, Malawi
Oct 31 Liverpool Lantern Carnival
Nov 30 Portrait of a Nation, St Georges Hall


Africa Oye 07
Princes Park 2007
Small Island launch – Maritime Museum 2007
Jan 11 Maritime Museum
Jan 31 Toxteth Education Trust Awards
Mar 9-11 Oldham Drum Festival
Jun 2 Lord Mayors Parade, Liverpool
Jun 16/17 Africa Oye, Sefton Park, Liverpool
Jul 20 Brouhaha Launch, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Aug 3 Children’s Festival, St Georges Hall
Aug 4 Liverpool Carnival
Aug 17-19 Oslo International Mela
Aug 21-23 Opening of the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool
Aug 28 Liverpool 800th Birthday Pageant
Sep 24 British Council, London
Oct 5-7 Lake of Stars Festival, Malawi
Oct 31 Liverpool Lantern Carnival
Nov 20-25 Youth Arts Festival, Ankara, Turkey


March 4 Picking up sticks, Oldham
April 1 Lytham St Annes Music Festival
May 9 Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
May 28 Oldham Carnival
Jun 3 Lord Mayors Parade, Liverpool
Jun 18 Africa Oye
July 21 Philharmonic Hall
July 22 Southport Street Festival
Aug 18 Lake of Stars Party in the Park, Palmhouse Sefton Park
Oct 31 Lantern Carnival, Sefton Park, Liverpool


Philharmonic Launch 2005
Philharmonic Launch 2005
Liverpool World Museum Launch 2005
Mar Oldham International Drum Festival
Apr World Museum, Liverpool
May Oldham Carnival
Jun Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
Jul Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
Jul Liverpool Carnival
Aug Childrens Festival, Liverpool
Sep Turin Street Festival Italy
Oct Toxteth Awards, Liverpool
Oct Liverpool Lantern Carnival
Dec Abolition of Slavery Festival, Reunion Island


Bristol Carnival 2004
Bristol Carnival 2004
Mar Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool
Apr St. Georges Hall, Liverpool
Jul Bristol Carnival
Jul Lord Mayors Parade, Liverpool
Jul Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
Jul Childrens Festival, Liverpool
Jul Liverpool Carnival
Aug Peckham Carnival, London
Aug Leeds Carnival
Aug Avanti Festival, Portugal


Liverpool Carnival 2003
Liverpool Carnival 2003
July Liverpool Carnival
Aug The Big Weekend, Liverpool
Oct Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool
Nov Black History Month, Liverpool
Nov Urbis, Manchester
Dec Blackburne House, Liverpool